Lemon Tart Meringue Summer Recipe with Caramel Sauce & Pistachios

A lemon tarte or a lemon meringue pie is a must have summer cake. It’s fresh, summerish, tasty, sweet and sour at the same time and quite easy to make.

A lemon meringue pie, is based on a lemon tart, which is made with a shortcrust bottom base, (kinda, since we use cookies and butter instead of the pastry) a lemon curd filling and a meringue top, cooked for only for 30 minutes so as it gets that soft brown colour hue and crispy outcome on the outside and remain soft and marshmallowish on the inside.

Truth is, it took me some time in the kitchen to create this sweet and we had a small accident with the caramel sauce (burned my hand) because I was kinda in a hurry on that day but the outcome was super both in the eye also in the taste! A small twist of adding caramel and pistachios on top was adding at the tart an extra boost and everybody who tried it loved it, whether they had a tooth for sweet or sour appetite.

Hope you enjoy it too and your friends or loved ones and please be extra careful when you will be creating the caramel sauce. Be concentrated and focus on the making, all the way until you pour it on top of the meringue but in the meantime enjoy every minute of the creation, like I did!

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